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Czech Society of Extracorporeal Circulation and Supporting Circulatory Systems

Information about Society

Czech Society of Extracorporeal Circulation and Supporting Circulatory Systems (CZESECT) was found during the 1st meeting of Czech perfusionists in Parkhotel in Prague on 25th January 1991 and was registered on 3rd De­cem­ber 1991 by Home Office according to the Czech law Nr. 83. First president of the Society and executive committee were elected during this meeting.

CZESECT is an organization of specialists who are occupied in the problems of extracorporeal circulation and myocardial protection during open-heart surgery and in the prolonged extracorporeal heart and/or lung support if these organs began to fail.

The aim of the Society is to improve the quality of care of the patients with heart diseases during open-heart surgery and in the postoperative period in the level of contemporary state of the art. The means by which we want to achieve the improving of the professional knowledge and skill of perfusionists are as follows:

  1. Supervision of the educational level and the training of novices in perfusion.
  2. Organisation of post-gradual courses, symposiums and contacts among people who are involved or interested in this profession in Czech and Slovak republic. Since 1996 it has been already realized 7 joint scientific meetings of Czech and Slovac perfusionists which were organized in both countries.
  3. Coordination of international professional contacts with European and overseas national perfusion societies, active participation of members of our society in the scientific programmes of European Congresses on Extracorporeal Technology as well as in other international congresses. We promote integration of Czech perfusionists to the European structures.
  4. Co-operation of CZESECT to the Czech Medical Society, namely to Czech Society for Cardiovascular Surgery.


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